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Our Winter Semester will feature Music Together Online. The package includes a code to download the Bells Collection of music on all family devices plus a CD and Songbook. The first and last week will consist of a Parking Lot Jam if weather permits (families socially distanced in or beside their vehicles) or a Zoom session. For the remaining 8 weeks, weekly videos will be posted to a private Facebook Group. In addition there will be at home activities, information about music learning, bonus videos, and MORE. In this time of social distancing, Music Together Online will be a fun, educational alternative to our regular classes. Classes are designed to be interactive and short to reduce screen time. Little ones can even face grownups and have no screen time at all.

Tuition covers entire family.......................$97

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Gift certificates are a wonderful way to give the gift of music to a preschooler that you love. Contact Kathy Eckhaus (mtsusquehannavalley@gmail.com) for more information.

Mixed-age Music Class
Click to learn more or to register. 8 months to 5 1/2 years
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